Attendance Sales Stock Management

ASSM – Attendance Sales Stock Management is a powerful tool for promoters of Sales & Stocks. ASSM is faster and more accurate than traditional paper-based methods, and can handle large amounts of data. ASSM app can be downloaded on any Android device with a built in camera. The promoters need not have to carry their heavy laptop Promoter only needs the phone that he already carries.

ASSM allows the promoters to update sales and stock information from his Android devices which stores data in the server. These Sales, Stock & Attendance reports are maintained using a web application.

ASSM is designed to run on just about any Android phone, and can be used even on devices with small screens. It has a rich graphical user interface, which makes it easy to learn and to use. The application uses a highly scalable database. It can handle large numbers of stores and products, with little or no loss of performance.

  • Attendance Management
  • Sales Management
  • Stock Management
  • Store Management
  • Real time Tracker
  • Notification
  • Expenses
  • Attendance Report
  • Sales Report
  • Stock Report
  • Store Report
  • Salary Report